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Berlin-based law firm!


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Our law firm is based in Berlin. We focus on these areas of law:


Labour Law

Family Law

Criminal Law

Traffic Law

Civil Law

Inheritance Law


We are based in the Rheingau-area near Rüdesheimer Platz in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. We represent many Anglo-American

clients. We look forward to hearing from you!

Criminal Law


Amoklauf, Beleidigung, Ermittlungsverfahren, Zeugenschutz, Sachverständiger, Drohung, Zeugen, Zuständigkeit, Vorstrafe, Straf-



Traffic Law


Führerschein, Mietwagen, MPU, Unfall, Verkehrsstrafrecht, Verwarnung, Führerscheinentzug, Fahruntüchtigkeit, Verkehrsrechtsanwalt, Ladungssicherung


Civil Law


Privatrecht, Stiftung, Ladung, Beurkundung, Sachverständiger, Urkunde, Insichgeschäft, Zeugen, Einwendung, Eigentum

About Us


Our law firm was established in 2005 in the area of Bayerischer Platz in Berlin-Schöneberg. Mr. Andert has been registered at the Berlin bar association

since 2002 and is now practicing in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

As he spent time in England under the ERASMUS scheme at the University of Essex and New York at a law office, he has a keen interest in cases

involving Anglo-American clients especially in the area of family law.


We represent both private and corporate clients. Mr. Andert practices in the above-mentioned areas. We also offer support in other areas or suggest colleagues,

if we cannot offer support in a specific area of law.


Our firm emphasizes individual processing of each case . It is our task to enforce your interests as effective as possible.


Feel free to contact us by phone or by email,if you want to make an appointment or if you have any further questions .






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Labour Law


Abfindung, Abmahnung, Ausbildung, Kündigungsschutz, Urlaub, Diskriminierung, Nebenjob, Wettbewerbsverbot, Mutterschutz, Weiterbildung


Inheritance Law


Erbbaurecht, Erbschaft, Patientenverfügung, Pflichtteil, Schenkung, Erbvertrag, Erbschein, Enterbung, Erbverzicht, Erbe


Family Law


Adoptionsrecht, Ehevertrag, Kindesunterhalt, Patientenverfügung, Scheidung, Sorgerecht, Umgangsrecht, Scheidungsanwalt, Hausrat, Ehe